Internships Office

Internships Office

Training and guidance internships

Training and guidance internships enable students to put what they have learnt in the classroom into practice in real life: an internship is a learning activity which takes place within a company or a public or private organisation intended to "provide alternation of study and work within learning processes and facilitate career choices through direct knowledge of the world of work".

From the university and legal point of view, a training and guidance internship does not constitute employment but is an integral part of the educational process, assessed and monitored by the academic authorities, to deliver real added value to the student's CV and in some cases to provide ECTS-credits.

Institutional agreements with UniSR

Companies or organisations interested in hosting UniSR students and graduates within their organisations may contact the Internships Office by email, sending a short job description which specifies the location, times, duties, responsibilities and any expense refund offered. It should be remembered that interns on extra-curricular training and guidance internships (Post-Graduate Internships) are entitled to an expense refund set by Law for each of the host organisation's Regional specialisms.

The Office will publicise the internship offer to Students and Graduates as appropriate to their educational programmes and in agreement with the Internship Officer of each degree course involved. Once a candidate has been selected, the relative formalities will be finalised; for UniSR this is a streamlined process involving simply the acceptance and signing of its own standard forms, approved by the Lombardy Region Authority in June 2018.

Any organisation which has previously signed an internship agreement with UniSR but is no longer on the list because documents have expired can simply apply to the Office for renewal of the agreement, and will receive details of the relevant procedure within a short time.

For any further information, please contact the Internships Office on the telephone numbers provided.

Modulo richiesta di convenzione

Internship Procedure

Agreement: the document which formally establishes the relationship between the Sponsor organisation (University) and the Host organisation (company, association, etc.)

Before an internship can take place, the sponsor organisation (UniSR) and the host organisation (third-party business) must sign an agreement which regulates the procedure and establishes all the rights and duties of both parties.

Any student or graduate wishing to undertake a training and guidance internship with an organisation not yet covered by an agreement can send the agreement application form to the organisation, which can then contact the Internships Office to start the agreement procedure and obtain all necessary information.

Companies wishing to apply to join the internship scheme may download the form and send it to the Internship Office accompanied by the annexes indicated in the form itself, and then contact the Office for the relevant information.

On receipt of the agreement application form, the Office will obtain the necessary approvals and contact the business directly for the relevant procedure.

Individual learning agreement: document which specifies the goals and procedures of the internship. It is agreed by the University (student or new graduate and lecturer concerned) and the business (company tutor). In UniSR, it consists of the INTERNSHIP APPLICATION, which can be downloaded from the Intranet for students whose study plans include an internship, or requested from the office directly by email.

For students or new graduates, an internship is an valuable opportunity for getting to know the world of work through direct contact. The aim is to increase integration between universities and the production system, and between education and employment.

For the University, it is an opportunity for verifying the match between the educational paths offered and the potential careers to which students aspire.

For the company, it is an excellent opportunity for contact with the university world and for training talented young people, who may join its organisation after graduation.