Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Assurance

In order to achieve its goals, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University defines the roles, responsibilities and tasks of the Governance Bodies and the structures responsible for Quality Assurance (QA), and puts in place an organisational structure which makes it able to exercise its functions in an effective manner.

The Bodies

  • Board of Directors
  • Rector
  • Academic Senate
  • University Board of Evaluation
  • University Quality Department
  • Lecturer-Student Joint Committee
  • Faculty Council, Degree Course Council and QA Manager
  • Review Groups
  • Social Bodies - Steering Committee/Stakeholder Council
  • Tutors

The Processes

Quality Assurance is based on a set of processes designed to guide all activities for attaining the development goals defined by the university’s top management, to monitor their effectiveness in terms of results achieved, and to promote continuous improvement.

  • SUA CdS (Degree Course Single Annual Document) Drafting Process
  • Course of Study Review Process
  • Annual CPDS (Lecturer-Student Joint Committee) Assessment Process
  • Third Mission and Research Single Annual Document Drafting Process
  • Third Mission and Research Review Process
  • Public Engagement Activities Monitoring Process
  • Board of Evaluation Assessment Process
  • Governance Bodies Internal Review Process

University Quality Department (PQA)

This is the structure that oversees the development of Quality Assurance (QA) procedures at University level, in the Courses and in the Faculties, according to the guidelines formulated by the governance bodies, thereby ensuring the management of internal and external information flows and supporting the action of the facilities.

The PQA implements the QA monitoring actions and acts as a liaison with the other structures responsible for QA.

Composition of the University Quality Department

Prof. Sonia Maria Rosa Levi – President

Prof. Valentina Di Mattei

Prof. Duilio Fiorenzo Manara

Prof. Elisabetta Sacchi

Dr. Xhilda Bejo

Dr. Alessia Fona

Dr. Chiara Fumagalli

Sig.ra Paola Macalli

Student elected by the Students' Council

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