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Prof. Tomaiuolo obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery (1998), a Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry (2002) and a PhD in Biotechnological Sciences (2006) at the Federico II University of Naples. In 2019, she obtained the Executive Master of Management of Healthcare and Social Welfare Organizations at SDA Bocconi. From 2021 she is University Professor at Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan.


Her research interests are developing and applying advanced technologies for the molecular diagnostics of hereditary genetic diseases and human reproduction.


From the 2003-04 academic year to date, Prof. Tomaiuolo has continuously carried out teaching activities in the areas of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology in university courses in the medical and biotechnology area.


Since 2015 she was involved in Technology Transfer activities, as creator and coordinator of the project "One4Two: screening of couple infertility in next generation sequencing", winner of the Award for Female Entrepreneurship at the National Award for Innovation (2015), selected for the 1st edition of BioUpper at the PoliHub incubator, Milan (2015/16) and winner of the European competition EIT-Innostar (2016). In 2017 the project was among the five selected for the "Italian Scouts in Silicon Valley" University project, took part in the Startup Initiative Life Science Investor organized by Intesa SanPaolo (London), was the winner of the Merck Hackathon for health and took participates in the X-innovation Summit organized by Merck (Dubai). In 2018, the project received the Seal of Excellence and the Grant from the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 activities, in the EIC- SMEInst-2018-2020 area.


Prof. Tomaiuolo has technical-instrumental, analytical and laboratory data interpretation skills in the field of molecular diagnostics applied to hereditary diseases and human reproductive medicine.

Prof. Tomaiuolo was invited speaker and author of numerous communications at international and national congresses in the field of clinical molecular biology and technology transfer activities. The scientific publications produced by Prof. R. Tomaiuolo, published in journals of international importance with a committee of peer reviewers, are present in the databases of international scientific literature (PubMed, Scupus, Web of Science). Their positive credit in the scientific community can be deduced from bibliometric indicators.


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2828-782X

Scopus Author ID: 6508149224


(Update december 2022)


Di seguito sono elencate le pubblicazioni scientifiche prodotte dalla Prof.ssa R. Tomaiuolo e pubblicate su riviste di rilievo internazionale dotate di Comitato di Revisori alla pari nell’ambito della biologia molecolare clinica applicata alle malattie ereditarie e alla medicina della riproduzione umana.

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