Spritza le meningi

“Spritza le Meningi” is a cycle of “scientific aperitivi” with the aim of spreading scientific knowledge, while creating opportunity for debate at the same time. It is structured as a series of periodic events where Professors and researchers from different fields are invited for an informal discussion on scientific themes.

The talks last about 1 hour, and they are generally held by two speakers who have 30 minutes each to bring up a common theme explained by two different point of views, generally with slides.

The talk is then followed by a moment of debate and an aperitivo, to favor a convivial atmosphere and participation.

The events - around 6 per academic year - are generally held in Italian, and they take place at “La Grande Italia”, just next to the Milan 2 campus, from 6:15pm to 8 pm. To participate you will get an email from UniSR Live Campus a few days before the event, with the link to sign up.

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