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Born in Milan on August 14, 1957, Prof. Silvio Abati graduated at the School of Medicine magna cum laude and received a Postgraduate Degree and Board in Dentistry and Stomatology from the University of Milan in 1987. He completed his training in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology with periods of study and practice in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

His professional activity is focused in the fields of Stomatology, Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology, and in Clinical Hospital Dentistry. The fields of research, teaching and clinical activity of Prof. Silvio Abati are in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious, inflammatory, immunopathological and neoplastic benign and malignant diseases of the oral mucosa, the tongue, the  jaw bones, the salivary glands, including the symptoms and the local and general discomforts that they cause. He is an expert in the evaluation of the relationships between oral and systemic health and diseases and in the dental and oral care and treatments in patients with systemic conditions and diseases.


Specifically, the focus of research of Silvio Abati ranges between oral medicine, oral pathology and the epidemiology of oral diseases. He pioneered studies using scanning electron microscopy to investigate the microbes of oral biofilms in the etiopathogenesis of periodontitis and peri-implantitis and the bacterial colonization of dental implants. His scientific activity is currently oriented towards the investigation of dry mouth and mouth disorders in the elderly; the recognition, early detection and treatment of oral precancer and cancer; the oral complications in patients in cancer treatment and the promotion of oral health in cancer patients; the role of oral bacteria and periodontal diseases in the pathogenesis of adverse pregnancy outcomes; the oral prevention in oncology; the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of halitosis and bad breath.


Prof. Silvio Abati authored and published hundreds of scientific papers and chapters in national and international journals and textbooks, and held lectures and courses in Italy and abroad on issues of oral medicine and pathology, oral oncology, periodontics, oral prevention and epidemiology. He received several national and international awards and prizes for scientific research; he participated as principal investigator or researcher in research projects funded by national and international agencies and institutions.

He is part of the italian WHO Collaboration Centre for Oral Epidemiology and Community Dentistry since more than 10 years. He has actively participated in the committee of the Health Ministry for developing and authoring guidelines and protocols for the promotion and control of oral health in the perinatal period and for the delivery of dental and oral care to patients before, during and after cancer therapies.


The scientific and clinical expertise in the field of oral medicine and pathology have been the basis of his teaching and education to pre- and post-graduate students. Since 1984 he has been teaching Oral Medicine and Pathology and Oral Diagnosis in the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Dental Hygiene, in the Postgraduate School of Maxillofacial Surgery and Doctoral Schools and Postgraduate Courses and training courses in the related fields.


Silvio Abati is active fellow and part of the Board of the Italian Society of Oral Pathology and Medicine (SIPMO). He is fellow of the American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM) and of the European Association for Oral Medicine (EAOM).


Currently he is in charge of the Departmental Center of Oral Medicine and Pathology of the Department of Dentistry Dental Clinic-IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan (chairman: Prof. E.F.Gherlone).


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