Ciceri Fabio Professore ordinarioMedicineMED/15




Work experience

  • Dates (from – to) July 2015 – today
  • Occupation or position held   Associate Professor of Hematology, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele 


  •  Dates (from – to) June 2012 – January 2016
  • Occupation or position held Director Blood Transfusion Service and Hematology Diagnostic Laboratories, San Raffaele Scientific Institute and Laboraf SpA


  • Dates (from – to) May 2011 – today
  • Occupation or position held Board of Gruppo Italiano Trapianto Midollo Osseo (GITMO): Allogeneic Transplant
Dates (from – to) October 2008- today
Occupation or position held Associate Clinical Director, Division of Research of Regenerative Medicine, Cell and Gene Therapy San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Dates (from – to) October 2005- today
Occupation or position held Director, Hematology and BMT Unit; San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Dates (from – to) October 2001- today
Occupation or position held Assistant Prophessor, School of Hematology, “Vita Salute” San Raffaele University, San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Dates (from – to) 2001- 2005
Occupation or position held Head, Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Dates (from – to) April 1995 – 2001
Occupation or position held Consultant, Department of Hematology, San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Main activities and responsibilities  
Dates (from – to) 1990-March 1995
Occupation or position held Attending physician, Department of Internal Medicine, San Raffaele Scientific Institute (Director: Prof. C. Rugarli)
Main activities and responsibilities Clinical activity in Internal Medicine, Emergency Department, Clinical Immunology
Dates (from – to) 1986-1989
Occupation or position held Internal medicine training, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Pavia

Education and training

Dates (from – to) 2001
Title of qualification awarded National Board  of Hematology, summa, University of Milano, Milano -Italy


Dates (from – to) 1995
Title of qualification awarded National Board  of Rheumatology, summa cum laude, University of Ferrara, Italy


Dates (from – to) 1989
Title of qualification awarded Medical Doctor degree, summa cum laude, School of Medicine, University of Pavia, Pavia – Italy

Personal skills and competences

Acquired in the course of life and career but not necessarily covered by formal certificates and diplomas.

 Dates (from – to)



Dates (from – to)


03/12/2013 – 03/12/2017

National Scientific Accreditation: 06/D3 – II Fascia  (Associate Professor Hematology)



Title Scientific research. Clinical research: Co-investigator in multicenter trials; Principal Investigator in BMT, Cell and Gene Therapy clinical trials for hematological cancers and non-malignancies (WAS, thalassemia), immune-deficiencies and congenital disorders (ADA, MLD), neuromuscolar disorder (Duchenne’s Muscle Dystrophy), neuroinflammatory diseases (Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromyelitis optica), diabetes (Pancreatic Islets transplantation).  Partner of EU-FP6 and FP7 projects. Principal Investigator and Promoter in multicenter Investigator-Initiated Trials. Experience in Protocol Assistance and Scientific Advice meetings at EMA, area of new drugs, cell therapy products.

Translational Research. Active clinical-basic collaboration in area of immunology of transplantation, cancer immunotherapy, cell therapy, gene therapy, molecular biology; nanomedicine


Dates (from – to) 2001-today
Title Scientific Societies. Active member, EBMT Acute Leukemia Working Party, Aplastic Anemia Working Party, Autoimmune Disease Working Party, Immunobiology Working Party. Northern Italy Leukemia Group, Steering Committee Member, Gruppo Italiano Terapie Innovative Linfomi, GITIL; European Hematology Association, Società Italiana Ematologia, International Cardio-oncology Society, International Society of Geriatric Oncology. Steering Committee Member, Northern Italy Leukemia Group, ( or Steering Committee Member, Gruppo Italiano Terapie Innovative Linfomi, GITIL.


Pharma and Charities consultancies. Fresenius Biotech, Medac GmbH, MolMed, Ariad, Sanofi.  Telethon Foundation

Dates (from – to) 2007
Title Quality Accreditation: ISO-9001 of Department of Hematology; Jacie-EBMT accreditation
Dates (from – to) 2006-today
Title, skills and Competences International cooperation.

Multidisciplinary professional training and activation of BMT Unit at Tishreen Hopital, Damascus Syria (; implementing hematology laboratories and hematological clinical activity in Lacor Hospital, Gulu Uganda (;  professional training and activation of hemato-oncology activity in Oncologic Hospital of Tachira, San Cristobal Venezuela (; implementing BMT Unit at University Hospital, Bucaresti (Romania); consultant at SIDRA Medical and Resarch Center (, Qatar.


(aggiornato 12/6/2017)

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