Di Muzio Nadia Gisella Professore AssociatoMedicineMed/36





Degree in general Medicine and Surgery in 1988 (cum laude) from the Medical Faculty of the University of Milan

Specialization in oncological radiotherapy with maximum honours in 1992

Professional experiences abroad include stays at the University of Wisconsin ( Madison) and New York University for training in the use of High-tech radiotherapeutic equipment (2001)

In 2009 attended the Master’s programme in Managerial training for Hospital directors at Bocconi University of Milan

Academic Experience

From 2005 Contract Professor at University of Milan-Bicocca University Specialization in Radiation Oncology

From 2006 Contract Professor at University of Milan-Bicocca University Specialization in Nuclear Medicine

From 2012 Contract Professor at University of Milan University Specialization in Medical Physics

Associate Professor at San Raffaele Vita –Salute University ( 2019)

Professional Experience

From 1992-1994 scholarship to study combined chemo-radio treatment of gynecological tumors, and subsequently, further scholarships to pursue studies in: 1) cranial irradiation of pediatric patients submitted to bone marrow transplants for leukemic pathologies, and 2) breast tumor irradiation carried out at San Raffaele Hospital of Milan

Since 1994 worked as a physician in the Radiochemotherapy Department at San Raffaele Hospital, dealing with protocols for the integrated radiochemotherapeutic treatment of head and neck neoplasms, as well as protocols for the chemotherapeutic treatment of Phase III colorectal and breast cancer tumors. Deals in particular with prostatic pathology, becoming President of Italian Prostatic Brachytherapy, as well as being a leader in the use of high precision hypofractionated treatments for the radical treatment of prostatic neoplasms. Also holds specialized courses in the treatment of advanced stage prostatic pathologies.

From 2007-2008 served as head of the Tomotherapy Functional Unit at San Raffaele Scientific Institute

From 2008 served as Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology  at San Raffaele Scientific Institute

Member of such leading Italian and international scientific societies as SIURO, ESTRO, AIRO and AIOM

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Hadron Therapy Center of Pavia, and the Candiolo Cancer Institute

From 2008 Member of European Commission of Tomotherapy

Served as  president of AIRO Lombardia since 2013

Dr. Di Muzio’s main fields of research include the radiation treatment of prostate cancer with external beam and with Brachytherapy. Over 12 years, she developed in vivo studies in oncology using functional and molecular imaging to define the biological target volume in radiotherapy with a specific interest in PET/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) with 18F-Fluorodeossiglucose (FDG), 11C-Coline and PSMA.  Based on a more than 10-year experience in hypofractionated IG-IMRT, she also focused on radiobiology to define the biochemical markers correlated with the effectiveness of radiation therapy in moderate hypofractionation and more recently in extreme hypofractionation settings.

Dr. Di Muzio is currently studying the interaction of radiation with the immune system and the association of radiation treatments with immunotherapeutic drugs. At the same time she is developing radiomic studies to validate the predictive value of imaging in radiation treatments.

Since 1999 she has been the Italian Coordinator of the Italian Brachytherapy Group, and since 2005 has been a member of the European Radiation Oncology Group to promote innovative radiation treatment by using High Technology.

She is the author of numerous chapters of medical texts, and over 200 publications in prestigious scientific journals for which she also serves as reviewer.


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