Filippi Massimo Professore ordinarioMedicineMED/26





  • Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia – University of Milan 1986 MD
  • Specialità in Neurologia – University of Milan 1990 Registrar in Neurology
  • Specialità in Neurofisiopatologia – University of Pavia 1994 Registrar in Neurophysiology


Post-doctoral Fellowship/Relevant Training/Professional Experience

  • Assistant in Clinical Neurophysiology, Scientific Institute H S. Raffaele 04/01/1987-12/31/1987
  • Research Fellow – Multiple Sclerosis Center, Scientific Institute H S. Raffaele 02/01/1988-12/31/1993
  • Assistant in Clinical Neurology, Scientific Institute H S. Raffaele 09/01/1990-11/08/1991
  • Research Fellow for the National Health Service of the Italian Government – Scientific Institutes S. Raffaele and C Besta – Milan 12/15/1991-08/31/1992
  • Research Fellow and Honorary Clinical Assistant – NMR Research Group – Institute of Neurology London 04/01/1992-12/31/1992
  • Scientific Director, MS MR Centre, Dept. of Neurology, HSR 01/01/94 -10/31/97
  • Director, NMR Unit, Centro “S. Maria Nascente” IRCCS Fondazione Don Gnocchi, Milano 2005-2008
  • Scientific Director, MS Biosignal Analysis Center, Dept of Neurophysiology, HSR 07/01/96-present
  • Director, Neuroimaging Research Unit, Department of Neurology, HSR 01/08/99-present
  • Director, “BrainMap” (Human BRAin IN-vivo MAPping with Neuroimaging) Scientific Interdepartmental Program, Division of Neuroscience, HSR 2009-present
  • Associate Professor of Neurology, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University March 2011-December 2015
  • Full Professor of Neurology, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Since January 2016
  • 01.11.2018 Chair, Neurology Unit, IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan

  • 01.11.2018 Director, MS Center, IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan


Teaching Activity

1996-1999. Non-Tenured Professor (Neuroradiology and Neuroimages II Course) at the Post-degree Neurological School (III year) of Chieti University.

Since the academic year 1997/98 Non-Tenured Professor (Physiopathology of the Central Nervous system) at the University of Milan – University Degree for Neurophysiopathology Technicians.

Since the academic year 2000-2001, Non-Tenured Professor of Clinical Neurology, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan.

Since 2006 – Visiting Professor, School of Medicine University of Belgrade

Since 2006 – Adjunct Professor, Temple University School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery.

Since 2007 – John Whitaker Professor of the American Neurological Association

Since 2008 – Visiting Professor at Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany

March 2011-December 2015 – Associate Professor of Neurology, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan

January 2016 – Full Professor of Neurology, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan

01/11/2016 – Director, Neurology Residency Course, Faculty of Medicine, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan

01/11/2016 – President, Board of the Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan

01/11/2016 – Member, Academic Senate, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan

Academies and Scientific Societies

Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology; Italian Society of Neurology; American Academy of Neurology; European Neurological Society

1989– Italian Multicenter Study Group on MS;

1993– Steering Committee, MAGNIMS; Steering Committee,  PRESTIMUS

1995– Steering Committee, ETOMS

1997– International Cladribine MS Scientific/Clinical Advisory Group

1997-2004 Scientific Committee, AISM

1998– Member of ISMRM and Chairman the “White Matter Study Group”

1999– New York Academy of Sciences; EFNS Task Force on the future of MR-based Techniques in Neurology; MRI Working Group of the International Multiple Sclerosis Data Centre – International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies

2000-2003 – Advisory Committee on Clinical Trials of New Drugs in MS of the US MS Society

2000– American Association for the Advancement of Science; International Scientific Advisory Board, Joint Infrastrucuture Fund UK Government + Wellcome Trust

2001– ISMRM Study Group Review Committee for 2001-2002; Member, MRI Working Group of the Sylvia Lawry Centre for Multiple Sclerosis Research (Munich, Germany.

2002–ISMRM Publication Committee for 2002-2003; ISMRM Study Group Review Committee for 2002-2003; Clinical Advisory Board on Fatigue in MS under Copaxone Treatment; Steering Committee, Tolerance Trial (European Charcot Foundation and BioPartners GmbH)

2003–ISMRM Publication Committee for 2003-2004; EFNS Scientific Panel of Neuroimaging of MS; Scientific Committee, ARIN; Member, Comitato Operativo del Centro di Eccellenza Laboratorio di Risonanza Magnetica Funzionale ad Alto Campo, HSR

2004– Member, Gruppo di Studio Neuroimmagini Funzionali of the Italian Neurological Society; ISMRM Workshop Committee for 2004-2005; ECTRIMS+ACTRIMS 2005 Congress Scientific Advisory Committee; Member, Pepgen’s Clinical Advisory Board

2005–Advisor, European Brain Council; ISMRM Workshop Committee for 2005-2006; Member, Scientific Board, Institute of Sperimental Neurology (INSPE), HSR, Milan, Italy; Editorial Expert, European Charcot Foundation; Member, Scientific Committee of Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (AISM); Advisory Board, BrainImaGen application, 2005

2006–Member, MS Differential Diagnosis Task Force of the US National MS Society and Chair of the Subgroup on Multifocal Presentations; Member, HSR Foundational Research Committee; Member, Steering Committee of the Beyond Study; Member, Executive Committee of the European Neurological Society

2007– Member, Study Group on MS, Assessorato alla Sanità Regione Lombardia; Member, Scientific Advisory Board for HBM 2007;

2008–Coordinator, ENS Neuroimaging Subcommittee; Coordinator, Neuroimaging Study Group of the Italian Neurological Society; Advisory Board, neuGRID (develpment of e-infrastructure fom medical sciences); Project Reviewer, National Research Grants Council, Singapore; Chairman, EFNS Panel of Neuroimaging and Sonology;

2009– Fellow of the ISMRM; Member, Board of Trustees of the ISMRM; Chair, EFNS Task Force Neuroimaging of motor neuron disease; Member, 2009-2010 Student Stipend Committee of the ISMRM; ENS Teaching Course Director for 2009-2011; Bayer Advisory Board, Understanding changing MS treatment paradigms; Advisory Board of the German Competence Network for Multiple Sclerosis

2010– Editorial Board, Lancet Neurology; ISMRM, Education Committee (2010-2011); ISMRM, Affiliated Sections (2010-2011); ISMRM, Trainee Stipend Subcommittee (2010-2011); ISMRM, Awards Committee (2010-2011); EFNS: Chairman Scientist Panel on Neuroimaging and –sonology; Cognitive Engineering, LLC, Scientific Advisory Board; Project reviewer, Swiss National Science Foundation; classed 33° among Top Italian Scientists ( issued by the Virtual Italian Academy (University of Manchester)

2011-  Editorial Board, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease; Editorial Board, Journal of the Neurological Sciences; ISMRM, Education Committee (2011-2012); ISMRM, Awards Committee (2011-2012); Member, Scientific Committee of Corso Residenziale per le Scuole di Specializzazione in Neurologia – Neuroimaging della SIN

2012 Co-Chief Editor, Journal of Neurology; Member, International Pediatric MS Study Group (IPMSSG) – Research Committee; Member, ISMRM Awards Committee; Member, ISMRM Education Committee; Faculty Member, F1000 Prime – Neurological disorders; FISM Scientific Secretariat for research project triage; Member, Advisory Board Serono Symposia International Foundation.

2013 – Member, Editorial Board, Journal of the Neurological Sciences;Member, Assembly of Delegates of the European Academy of Neurology; Member, Local Scientific Committee, 44th Congress of the Italian Neurological Society (SIN); “Dr Laza K Lazarevic” Award for Exceptional Contribution to Neurological Sciences. Society of Serbian Neurologists. Belgrade, Serbia; Member, Steering Committee, NISALS

2014   Qualification as Full Professor of Neurology; Member, General Assembly of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN); Chair, EAN Panel of Neuroimaging; Member, Managing Committee, Centro studi PML – Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milano; Editorial Board Member, Radiology; ADDF Scientific Review Board for 2015

2015   Editorial Board, eNeurologicalSci; Editorial Board, Multiple Sclerosis and Demyelinating Disorders; Fellow, European Academy of Neurology; Member, Health Engineering SL Scientific Advisory Board, University of Jaén (Spain); Distinguished Dr Luis Barraquer Ferré Lecture at the LXVII Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN)


Important positions in congresses

Invited lectures: over 680

Chairman in important international congresses: AAN, ECTRIMS, EFNS, ENS, ISMRM, SIN

Scientific Director of Teaching Courses at national and international congresses


Editorial Activity

Co-Editor in Chief, Journal of Neurology (2012-)

Editorial Board Member: AJNR, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, eNeurologicalSci (eNS), Erciyes Medical Journal, European Neurology, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Journal of Neuroimaging, JNNP (2002-2006), Journal of the Neurological Sciences (2011-present), Journal of Neurovirology (2006-2014), Lancet Neurology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis and Demyelinating Disorders, Neurological Sciences, Neuroradiology, World Journal of Radiology.
Reviewer on a regular basis for several journals in the neurology and neuroimaging fields, for many Governmental Organizations and private Foundations, and for several national and international congresses.

Author/co-author of over 1037 full papers on indexed journals and 196 book chapters. H-index (Scopus): 116


  • Caso F, Agosta F, Filippi M. Insights on white matter damage in Alzheimer’s disease: from postmortem to in vivo diffusion tensor MRI studies. Neurodegenerative Dis 2016; 16: 26-33 [Epub ahead of print 1 December 2015; doi: 10.1159/000441422]


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