What to do upon arrival

EU Citizens need only their identity card to enter Italy. If they are residing for less than 3 months, they must report their presence on the Italian territory to the Polizia di Stato.

EU Citizens coming to live in Italy for more than 3 months must register to the local Anagrafe office (the population register) in the district they live.
In order to do this they must fill in a form (see official website of the Comune di Milano) and present the documentation requested which is:
The Declaration form filled out
Enrolment certificate
Proof of economic support (a bank account balance)
Copy of your rental contract ( Students living in a University Student hall cannot request official residence in Italy)
Health Insurance valid in Italy.

Please note that if you live in the suburbian areas of the Province of Milan you will be residing in a different Comune (district) and will have to refer to the Anagrafe office and to the forms that specific Comune requires.

If you’re an International Student, follow the tabs below to find out all you need to do before coming to study in Italy and once you’ ve arrived.