Cdl magistrale in Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs


The Program

Our Master’s Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs is an interdisciplinary Master's program offered jointly by the University of Milan and the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and entirely taught in English. PPPA provides advanced competences in political science and philosophy as well as methodological skills to address questions animating public debates, to investigate current political, social and economic phenomena and to assess their implications. PPPA combines solid theoretical insights with a practical sense of the challenges and opportunities connected to ongoing transformations and it offers refined analytical tools to devise long-term strategies for tackling them.

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Targets: framing public questions in a broader perspective

PPPA offers a common core of courses addressing cutting-edge topics in political science, political philosophy and moral philosophy, which provide insights about concepts and approaches crucial to tackle questions currently at the centre of public discussion. Students will also acquire competences in history, economics, law and sociology that will enable them to frame debated public questions in a broader and more sophisticated perspective. Common courses also offer high-level training in argumentative strategies and empirical methodologies. Moreover, students will have the chance to complete their preparation by selecting among a wide array of courses addressing more specific topics organized into two thematic areas: “Technology, science and society” and “Prosperity, peace and international affairs”.

After Graduation: job opportunities in various fields

PPPA provides a variety of competences and students will master a differentiated set of methodological tools that will enable them to be successfully employed in: 1. public or private research institutes; 2. local, national or international institutions as policy analysts; 3. firms operating in the global market and looking for professionals capable to understand and interpret political, social and economic trends and to devise long-term strategic plans; 4. media, Journalism, publishing and the cultural industry.
PPPA also provides a solid academic background allowing students to continue their education through Ph.D. programmes in social sciences and philosophy, both in Italy and abroad.