Clinical Fellowship Program

Clinical Fellowship Program

The training offer

The Clinical Fellowship program includes a focused module on Clinical Leadership: this is an opportunity for clinicians to learn the organizational and managerial context of healthcare organizations, being engaged with different stakeholders that will encounter during their career (i.e., CEOs, COOs, CFOs, health sector industry level) and learning from peer KOLs (i.e., head of unit, head of department).

During the program the fellow will enhance their soft skills and team management, communication skills and leadership practice: this unique program also includes the possibility to visit European top-ranked hospitals within the network of European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA), of which San Raffaele Hospital is a founder member.

Why choose this program?

  • Course in Clinical Leadership
    The curriculum in clinical fellowship covers 100 hours dedicated to clinical leadership and soft skills: a unique program that allows the fellows to enhance their knowledge, skills and know how in the field of communication, leadership, and team building.
  • GSD expertise in the field
    The module is fully developed and issued by the faculty of Psychology of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele, in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders working directly with the Group. This allows the fellows to have a first-hand experience with the expertise of San Donato Group in the field of clinical management.
  • One-on-one tutorship
    Each fellow will be assigned to a single tutor: this will enhance the relation between the fellow and one of our Head of Department or Head of Unit, ensuring a top-class experience in the specialty or subspeciality of choice. It is also possible that the fellow can choose two or more tutors, as in a clinical rotation program.
  • Blended strategy
    The course is made up by virtual lectures, full immersion kickoff week and site visits: this blended strategy ensures the full involvement of the fellow.
  • A network within the network
    All fellows that are enrolled in different clinical fellowships will join and attend the course together: this can elicit a network building of international peers.
  • Be part of EUHA
    The program also include a site visit in one of the hospitals that are part of the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA), of which San Raffaele Hospital is a founder member. This a unique experience that the fellows will have the chance to take part to and understand the international context in the field of clinical leadership.
  • Capstone project
    Each fellow must finalize a personal capstone project, supported by national and international tutors as well as their fellow colleagues. This project will be assessed by a panel of acknowledged experts in the field.

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