Tuition fees

General Information

The Tuition fees are reviewed each year by the University Board of Directors and are published on the dedicated page of the UniSR website  (under: ‘Rette corsi di laurea’) within the month of May of each year.

The fees for Students applying to a new Academic Year are indicated in the Competition Call ‘Bando di Ammissione’ and regulation on the Admission procedure for the upcoming academic year.

For students enrolling for the first time to the A.Y 2021/2022 the yearly Tuition Fees amount to € 20.000,00 + € 140, 00 for the regional enrolment tax. Should there be variations to this tax, the University will inform students upon receipt of the Lombardy Region’s resolution.

The fees are billed by trimester and divided into 3 installments:

• 1st Installment:  € 6.940,00 due upon enrolment*

• 2nd Installment: € 6.600,00 due by January 31, 2022

• 3rd Installment:  € 6.600,00 due by March 31, 2022

*Non-EU Students of the March 2021 Admission Test who paid the advance confirmation fee will pay only the difference when enrolling.

The tuition fees do not include accommodation or other expenses. Before each installment deadline, students find the electronic payment form (MAV) updated and available on their personal payment pages of the Student Intranet and are requested to use that as payment method.

Please note that the University informs the Students on the payment deadlines through a message on the University's official intranet Online Board. It does not send personal emails to the student and/or to parents. 
Foreign students paying from abroad, can pay with international bank transfers. It is possible to pay also via credit card using the dedicated system students find on their intranet.

Please acknowledge that the University does not have specific scholarship programs for International students and that arrangements and agreements for loans or scholarships are the Student’s personal issues. The Lombardy region scholarships are issued to students who are in need;  these are family income and merit based and can be requested only by students enrolling for the first time to University. The Italian competition calls and forms are available on this page: Borse di Studio
Foreign Students must refer to their local Italian consulate for obtaining the necessary papers.
The University is recognized by the Canadian Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).