LAPCO Laboratorio Azione Percezione Cognizione

Claudio de’Sperati, Group Leader

The Unit investigates the neuro-cognitive mechanisms of sensori-motor functions, particularly the visual and tactile systems.

The research activity relies on a variety of approaches: psychophysiological (based on physiological and electroencephalographic responses), psychophysical (based on the measure of sensations), behavioral (based on the measure of motor activity), neuroimaging (based on fMRI techniques) and phenomenological (based on subjective experience). Basic research, which is the main mission of the Experimental Psychology Unit, is regarded also as a starting point to develop technologies and advanced quantitative methods for clinical diagnosis in psychology, neurology, neuroradiology, neuro-ophtalmology and psychiatry.
The Unit is based on the Laboratory of Action, Perception and Cognition (Lapco).