Cdl magistrale in Biotechnology and medical biology NON EU Citizens reserved

Corso di Laurea magistrale in Biotechnology and Medical Biology NON EU Citizens reserved

Call reserved to Non European Citizens.

Admittance to the Master Degree in Biotechnology and Medical Biology is subject to selection through the University’s admission test. N° 12 places are reserved for Non European Citizens.

Notice May 7:

Due to the COVID-19 emergency the Non-EU Admission test originally scheduled for March 25 and then postponed to May 20 is now postponed to June 9 in a new online proctoring format.

Due to worldwide restrictions on opening of testing centres and travelling difficulties,  in order to offer all candidates the same opportunity to take the admission test, this latter will be delivered in an online protoctoring format meaning the students can sit the test from their homes.

Registration will remain open until May 31.
Please read the decree n° 6404 concerning the online proctoring exam and the original Admission Call 20/21 available below this section.

All candidates registered to the test will receive instructions for the hardware and software neceessary for sitting it..

Registration to the test must be done exclusively online through this website:

Registration requests Candidates insert their personal details and pay the test fee

Candidates will receive confirm of payment and the details for the online proctoring exam set up between June 1 and 3.

For any enquiry please reach the International Office at

Phone: (+39) 0291751.544.602.543



Updates on Admission test Modalities DR6404 - UniSR DR_6318_BMB