Cdl magistrale in Cognitive psychology in health communication

Announcement and Procedure for Admission

All international students are informed that the admission procedures (a.y 2022/2023)  are already open on the USI website

Applications must be submitted

Ask specific questions about the programme or get a feedback on your profile by filling the form on USI website

For further information about Contents, Career Prospect and Open days click on the link Science Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication

The regulation for Admittance to the a.y. 2022/2023 in English, translates the Competition Call only for information purposes.
It does not have legal value since the Italian version of the Competition Call, the Rectoral Decree n° 7334 is the official document regulating the competition.


DR_7334_2021 Bando Ammissione CdLM Psicologia cognitiva nella Comunicazione della Salute_AA 2022-23 DR_7334_Cognitive Psychology in HC_Announcement