Registered employees of the Hospital and registered employees, teachers and students of the University are all entitled to use the library as of right.
Outsiders may access the Library for research and professional information purposes with authorisation, issued by the library on the spot. External users can only use the library on site.

Use of the library on site

The library is open-stack to authorised users. To access the Reading Room, users simply sign in and leave their bags in the lockers provided.
The Reading Room has 150 study, 7 on-line search and 3 Internet browsing and data processing workstations.
Users are required to comply with the rules of behaviour affixed in the Library, as follows:

  • do not cause disturbance
  • do not bring food and drinks into the library
  • no smoking.
  • switch your phone to silent mode
  • do not bring bags into the library


Loans are only available to Hospital and University members entitled to use the library.
Periodicals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and general works of reference (bibliographies, catalogues, repertoires, press reviews, reports, etc.), degree dissertations, books for exams, printed works published before 1900, rare books and collectors' editions, fragile publications, antique documents and CD-ROMs are not available for loan.

Files of periodicals (maximum of five files or one bound year) and books for exams (no more than two monographs) may be borrowed from 17:00 hrs onwards on Saturdays or any other day before a public holiday and must be returned by 11:00 hrs at the latest on the next working day.

Off-campus access to digital resources

The service allows remote access to the Library's on-line services and resources.
The service is only available to entitled OSR/UniSR members, who may access the service by connecting to the Library Intranet at and entering their institutional credentials.

Bibliographic information and consultation service (reference)

The Library provides assistance in sourcing bibliographic information and scientific literature.
An appointment is required for complex or wide-ranging searches which might interfere with the normal running of the service.

Courses in bibliographical search techniques

The Library organises courses for OSR/UniSR users to introduce them to its resources and how to use them. The course is publicised through a flier on the on-line noticeboard.
Courses can also be run in individual departments or research units on request.

Document delivery


The Service also sources bibliographical material not held by the Library itself. This service is only available to OSR/UniSR members entitled to use the library.

Photocopying service

The photocopying service is self-service, with a photocopier and automatic card vending machine.
Copies are made by users at their own expense and are subject to current copyright and intellectual property laws, as stated by signs affixed near to the photocopier (law no. 633 of 22 April 1941, as amended)