Men's soccer

The men's 11-a-side football team has now been consolidated for many years and is the main pillar of sports at our University. 'Winning is not important, it's the only thing that matters', the Chairman of Juventus once said. That's not exactly the case with us, although there have always been a fair number of Juventus supporters in our team! The only thing that matters with us, in both training and matches, is having fun (and in fact winning is great fun!). So our team is open to all and anyone is welcome - Balotelli, Messi, Giaccherini...
All you need to join in are CUS registration, passion, a sense of fair play and above all the wish to make friends and have a good time together. You will receive full information about the first training sessions and CUS registration dates on the Intranet online noticeboard, and for all other information and contacts you can use our Facebook group, 'Squadra di calcio a 11: Università San Raffaele', through which all team activities are coordinated.

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