The UniSR Cheerleaders Team was established in 2008 by the will of demonstrating what spirit the students of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University have! At first there were only five of us, but with time and a lot of dedication, the group grew and is now composed of  twelve well knitted members.
With the growth of the group also our agenda becomes more busy: for three years we support the most important games of the football team at 11 and, starting from this year, even the boys basketball and rugby teams can count on our huge cheering. It is needless to say that our
“Footballers” have always been excited about our presence and, as proof of our effectiveness in the last two years they have finally reached the play-off!
Every event organized within the university can count on our presence: we bring our enthusiasm to the finals and to the award ceremonies of the football tournaments (both the winter and summer one), inciting the fans and performing a final show just like in the classic American tradition,  . We are protagonists even at “Io Ci Suono”, the musical event organized every year by ASR!
To test our progress and our (hopefully) good skills we participate every year in different Cheerleading Contests, real competitions in which we bring the choreography we prepared during the year. For three years now we have participated in “EuroMilano” and there they tell us that we become better every year! In 2009, along with the football team and many other university teams, we launched ourselves in the international arena, going to Barcelona for the”EuroEsade,” This year, if we get the chance, we will bring all our enthusiasm to “EuroValencia “.
Every year we seek for new members for our super close-knit group, so if you feel like doing sport, having fun and making your college experience something unique…

JOIN U.S.! The ASR Cheerleaders want to keep up the name of the University and to show everyone, what kind of spirit  dwells within each student of our University, thanks to the warmth and passion that characterizes them!

Claudia Frittitta -

Facebook: Unisr Cheers