Men's Rugby

Founded in 2010, the San Raffaele Rugby Team is now one of the most vibrant sports movements of our University.
Vita-Salute San Raffaele University invested a lot on our team, giving us not only all the equipment necessary to the regular practice of rugby, but also by booking for us a field in the Saini Sport Centre (at least 2h/week).
Our staff has steadily increased over the years, picking up students of all ages, all majors, in a great mix of “veterans” of rugby and “new entries”. Boys who had never even touched an “oval” have ventured into this experience thanks to the enthusiastic comments of their friends and classmates: since then, as an integral part of the active team, they have become themselves witnesses of the beauty and complexity of this sport. The hard weekly workouts distributed throughout the academic year, participation in the 1st University Cup Rugby (7 players) of 2011, the well-deserved “third time” with a lot of beer demonstrate that this group of young athletes was united by something more than the simple need for competition, but also by a strong sense of belonging to our team and our university. This spirit has strengthened our relations of friendship and brotherhood which are characteristic of rugby, and is the fire that drives us to face new challenges and to achieve more ambitious goals.
Starting from the 2012-2013 season, thanks to the large number of students who joined our team, the 1st San Raffaele Rugby Tournament will be inaugurated on May 29, a further opportunity to demonstrate  to our University (and loving ?fans!) the skills that we intend to prove  on and off the field.  It is an event that will surely become a cornerstone of every academic year, aimed at celebrating not only the sport and the players, but also to promote all extracurricular university activities together with music and refreshments: a day to have fun together in a different way, not to be missed by any student!
Our team is always looking for new members for improving ourselves and our game.
Support the  San Raffaele Rugby team as well and support your university!


Picozzi Andrea

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