Aldrighetti Luca Antonio Maria Professore OrdinarioMedicineMed/18




Education and Certifications

1982 Secondary School Diploma.

1989 Degree in Medicine and Surgery, 110/110 cum laude.

1995 Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) in Surgical Technologies.

1997 General Surgery Board Certification, 70/70 cum laude.

2002 Thoracic Surgery Board Certification, 70/70 cum laude.

2002 Diploma in Hospital Management – School of Health Management of Regione Lombardia.

Professional Positions and Appointments

1985-1992 Intership (student and MD) – General Surgery Division, San Raffaele Hospital, Milan.

1992-1994 Surgical Fellow - Pittsburgh Transplantation Institute (Prof. T.E.Starzl)-University of Pittsburgh - PA, USA.

1997-2003 Staff Surgeon – General Surgery Division, San Raffaele Hospital, Milan.

2004-2014 Chief of Liver Unit  – San Raffaele -Hospital, Milan.

From 8/2014 to present Head of Hepatobiliary Surgery Division – San Raffaele Hospital, Milan.

From 10/2019 to present Associate Professor of Surgery, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan.

Clinical Activity

Clinical and research activities are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neoplastic hepatobiliary diseases, with specific committment to the surgery of perihilar cholangiocarcinoma and primary and metastatic tumors of the liver. He has performed (2004-2019) more than 3000 hepatic resections. Specific competence has been developed on surgery of perihilar cholangiocarcinoma, thanks to the program of preoperative optimization to reduce the rates of perioperative morbidity and mortality characterizing this field of surgery. The series includes more than 250 resections for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma.

He is among international pioneers of minimally invasive surgery of the liver, through the development and implementation of the program of laparoscopic liver resections at the San Raffaele Hospital, that has national and international leadership in this field. Indeed, the clinical series includes presently more than 1200 laparoscopic resections, being the largest national series and among the largest Western series. He is founder, Past President and Coordinator of the scientific and educational activities of the Italian Group Of Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery (I GO MILS), including the development and the management of the National Registry of laparoscopic liver resections. He is member of the Council and Chair of the International Registry committee 2019-2021 of ILLS (International Laparoscopic Liver Society) and Chairman del 4th ILLS World Meeting (Rome, may 2023).

He performs tutoring activity at several national and european Istitutions and realize regular training courses on hepatic surgery. He coordinates the Italian School of Minimally Invasive surgery of the Liver.

He was member of the expert panel at the 2nd International Consensus Conference on Laparoscopic Liver Surgery (Morioka, Japan; 2014), at 1st International ALPPS Consensus Conference (Hamburg, Germany; 2015) and at 1st European Guidelines Meeting on Laparoscopic Liver Surgery (Southampton, UK; 2017).

Scientific Activty

Main areas of scientific activity are liver surgery and additional/adiuvant treatments for primary and saecondary tumors of the liver, with special reference to hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal liver metastases; surgery and complementary therapies for biliary tumors (intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, gallbladder tumor, Klatskin tumor); laparoscopic liver resections; LESS surgery in liver surgery; technical and biological issues in hepatic surgery; ischemia/reperfusion syndrome in liver surgery; ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) in liver surgery.

Several multi-institutional and international – Europe and USA - projects are developed to study outcomes and prognostic factors of oncological surgery of the liver ad biliary tract, impact of ERAS programs, outcomes of laparoscopic liver surgery and ALPPS procedure.

He is member of 18 scientific societies; member of the Innovation Committee of the European-African HepatoBiliary Pancreatic Association (EAHPBA), 2019-2021; President-elect  of the Italian Chapter of the International HepatoPancreatoBiliary Association (IHPBA), 2020-2022.

He is peer reviewer for national and international journals of surgery and oncology and member of Editorial Board of Updates in Surgery (official journal of Italian Society of -Surgery) and Hepatoma Research.

He has been invited speaker in more than 300 national and international meetings.

Scientific Production

He is author or co-author of 663 scientific publications, including 325 full papers in national and international journals and proceedings, 338 abstracts of congress presentations.

235 papers have been published in journals with Impact Factor. Cumulative Impact Factor (JCR 2018) is 650,091 and the Mean Impact Factor is 3.278.

Citation Analysis

Out of the whole scientific production, The Institute of Science Infornation (ISI), Web of Knowledge – Web of Sciences (WoS), quotes 309 publications. Out of 325 full papers, Scopus quotes 260 and PubMed 246.

Total citations are 7118 (fonte Scopus, 1996-2019) e 7195 (fonte WoS, 1994-2019).

Mean Citation Index [is 23 (source WoS 3077/174, source SCOPUS 3239/160).

Il H-index is 43 [source SCOPUS (1996-2019) e 41 [source WoS (1994-2019)].


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