Cultural and sporting activities funds

Operating guidelines for the use of the cultural and sporting activities fund

The Fund for cultural and sporting activities for Students of the University (hereinafter the “Fund”) consists of donations received by the University specifically "for cultural and sporting activities”.
The Fund may only be used to fund cultural and sporting activities as defined by Law no. 243/1991.
Donations to the Fund will be conserved in a current account held in the University's name.
Individual students or groups may submit a project for use of the fund to a student representative of one of the three Faculties.
The representative who receives the project first obtains the approval of the other student representatives and then forwards it to the Live Campus office.

If he is unable to oversee its progress himself, he delegates another representative, who will handle the application through to its conclusion. Finally, the delegated representative will inform both the applicant student or group and the other student representatives of the outcome.
The University Administration Department will finance all projects approved as deserving, up to the limits of the Fund.
The Administration Department will report periodically on the projects financed by the Fund.