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Prof. Querques first Italian awarded the “Young Investigator Award” from the “Macula Society”

01 March 2019

Prof. Giuseppe Querques, Associate of Ophthalmology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, was awarded the “Young Investigator Award assigned by “The Macula Society”, the most prestigious society in the field of ophthalmology for those dealing with retinal/macular diseases. This recognition represents a double record: it is in fact the first time that the Young Investigator is awarded to an Italian researcher, and the first time ever an Italian is awarded by the Macula Society.

The award ceremony took place during the last meeting, held February 13-16, 2019 in Florida (USA). The “Young Investigator Award” is awarded to an individual under 50 years of age whose work gives high promise of a notable advance in the clinical treatment of disorders of the eye.

Prof. Querques declares:

I am deeply satisfied with this recognition for having significantly contributed to the knowledge and treatment of various pathologies in the ophthalmological field, as well as being proud for bringing such recognition to Italy as never before.

On the occasion of the Award, he held the lecture “What is treatment-naïve quiescent macular neovascularization really”, a clinical entity described for the first time by Prof. Querques, who reported in detail the study and its clinical and pathological implications and of clinical-therapeutic interest.