Course forming part of the Master's Degree course in Dermatological Nursing

Health in the Mirror.

The independent course “Health in the Mirror. Oncology Support Therapies”, inspired by the experimental IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele programme which offers concrete support in managing the side-effects of cancer treatments through a multidisciplinary approach, will be offered within the new University Master's Degree in Clinical Dermatological Nursing.

The course constitutes one of the three modules of the First-level Master's Degree in Clinical Dermatological Nursing: Nursing and medical care from anti-aging to complementary support therapies for cancer patients.

It lasts a total of 50 hours and provides a total of 5 ECTS-credits. The course is held during the final term of the Master's Degree, from 3 to 7 February 2020.

Course objectives

The course intends to provide participants with the basic knowledge required to perform cosmetic wellbeing treatments on people undergoing cancer therapy. The training includes a theoretical part regarding cancer as a disease, the relative treatments and the most common side-effects, especially with regard to the skin. There is also a practical part which teaches how beauty and wellness care methods, techniques and tools can be adapted to meet the special needs of a cancer patient. Specifically, treatment protocols including lymph-drainage and muscle-relaxing massages, nourishing treatments, corrective make-up and skin care and cleansing will be covered. Special attention will also be focused on the psychological aspects of the relationship with the cancer patient.


  • Basic introduction to cancer
  • Management of the skin side-effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical treatments
  • Masso-physiotherapy and lymph drainage
  • Make-up, dermatology and beauty care during treatments
  • Psychological responses to cancer
  • Diet and exercise during and after treatments
  • Legal and communications issues


Occupational sector of reference

The course is intended for nurses, health professionals and beauty care professionals.

It aims to provide theoretical and practical skills for the management of the side-effects on their appearance experienced by cancer patients.


Attendance and enrolment procedure

Start of course: from 3 February to 7 February 2020

Duration: 50 hours / 5 ECTS-credits


  • Ospedale San Raffaele (OSR)
  • GSD
  • Istituto clinico Sant’Ambrogio
  • Istituto Dermoclinico Vita Cutis

Admission qualifications: High school diploma

minimum no. of candidates: 5

maximum no. of participants: 20

Candidates will be admitted on a first come, first served basis subject to availability: any applications received after all places have been filled will be entered on a waiting list for admission in the event of withdrawals.

Enrolment date: until 30/12/2019 or until all places have been filled

To enrol, follow the link below and proceed with the registration of your personal details. This registration, for administrative records only, is compulsory.


Enrolment must be completed by sending the Enrolment Form published in the box below in pdf format by email to or by fax to 0291751.453, with a receipt which provides proof of payment of the relevant fee.

The enrolment fee is 1,000.00 Euro + VAT (tot. 1220.00 Euro) , payable on enrolment.

Payment, necessary for enrolment, must be made by Bank Transfer to the following account:

Vimodrone Branch
Via Padana Superiore, 231
20090 Vimodrone (Milan)


IBAN: IT89S0521634080000000003963

indicating the Surname and Given Name of the participant and "Training Course Enrolment" as the reason for payment.

On receipt of payment, a formal invoice will be issued; to enable this, full data must be provided in the Enrolment Form, as follows:

Name (company or person), legal address, VAT no. and Tax Code

Health in the Mirror enrolment form 2019


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