Single Courses as Auditors


To enroll as an auditor and gain admission to attend one or more courses offered by the Faculty of Philosophy at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, you must submit an application to the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Prospective students may only enroll in courses that exclusively offer in-person lectures. Enrollment is permitted for a number of courses per semester, with the total credits not exceeding 12 university education credits assigned to those courses.

Upon course completion, a certificate of attendance will be issued. To obtain this certificate, the auditor must have attended at least 80% of the instructional hours.


General Secretarial Expenses: € 100.00.

Attendance Fee: Proportional to the university education credits assigned to the courses you enroll in, set at € 50.00 for each credit.

Enrollment process

The application for enrollment, on plain paper, should be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty, using the designated form.

The application must be submitted via email to

Domanda iscrizione

Deadlines for applications

The application must be submitted:

  • by September 30th each year if the course or courses of interest are taught in the first semester or annually.
  • by January 31st each year if the course or courses of interest are taught in the second semester.

Note: The Dean of the Faculty may evaluate whether to accept, not accept, or partially accept the application, depending on the type of courses and logistical conditions. In such a case, the candidate will be promptly informed. In the event of a non-accepted application, the paid amounts will be fully refunded