The course is characterized by an extensive, active and diversified network of collaborations with the arts system, aimed at enhancing the concrete knowledge of the sector and integrating the training activity with updated theoretical and practical notions of cultural entrepreneurship, which are fundamental for a future professional placement. In this context, curricular internship experiences (both institutional and private) and direct meetings with operators of the sector are encouraged. Among the scientific, educational and cultural collaborations in place, the following can be mentioned:

  • Triennale Milano: the collaboration includes moments of research, reflection and exchange between philosophy, architecture, design, contemporary art, photography, theatre and the performing arts, through the realization of a series of joint cultural events , including the format "Dialogues of philosophy and image", and internships with particular, although not exclusive, attention to the field of cultural mediation
  • Studio Azzurro: the collaboration includes a series of training and reflection activities concretized in practical activities, dedicated to deepening the dynamics of the ideation and production of the artistic image in an interdisciplinary and multimedia key, which also resulted in the participated workshop “Stanze Laboratorio”