Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Curriculum Coordinators:

The PhD curriculum in Clinical and Experimental Medicine is an interdisciplinary postgraduate training program strongly dedicated to the integration of preclinical research content and clinical research, with the specific purpose of promoting projects aimed at translational medicine in all its fields, and a consequent significant impact on the health of the individual in general.

The main objective of this Curriculum is the multidisciplinary study of the pathophysiology of diseases, together with the investigation of new molecular approaches for their prevention, diagnosis and appropriate therapy.

The PhD projects proposed cover numerous scientific fields, ranging from molecular and cellular biology to the most clinical areas of medical and health science, both individual patient oriented - as identified by the principles of precision medicine - and community oriented, with the main aim of promoting an effective improvement of the current reference standards for the diagnosis and/or treatment of diseases, as well as the activation of effective prevention strategies based on the use of the results of translational research itself.

The curriculum largely involves the clinical and surgical units of the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, together with the hospital services and the numerous preclinical and basic research realities distributed throughout the entire Scientific Institute.