GSD Training network

GSD Training network

Gruppo San Donato, a major, vibrant organisation of hospitals and research facilities closely linked to the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, includes areas of expertise unique within the Italian research world, embraced by the educational objectives of our Graduate Schools.

It has long been recognised as Italy's top hospital group and one of the leading names in Europe, representing excellence in clinical practice, university teaching and scientific research.

Founded in 1957, Gruppo San Donato has revolutionised the health care world by placing the patient at the centre of its ecosystem. Today it is Italy's number one private hospital group, symbolising health sector excellence in both clinical practice and scientific research.

Gruppo San Donato strong points

Multidisciplinary treatment plans
Patients suffering from multifactorial diseases require multifaceted care, delivered with dedication, professionalism, innovation and humanity.

The GSD focuses strongly on new technologies and modern tools, to constantly increase the precision of the high quality care provided to patients.

Smart Service
For greater accessibility, GSD is committed to finding new solutions for speeding up patients' access to the Group's hospital facilities, their specialists and the treatments they offer.

Educational facilities