Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication

The programme is organized into 4 units, called ‘modules’, over two years. The first module covers mainly classes in Health Communication and research methods; the second module covers topics in advanced cognitive psychology and Neurosciences; the third module covers topics in management, strategy, and consumer behaviour. In the fourth semester students will study selected topics in health and organizational psychology and conduct a field project (by companies, hospitals or by experimental labs) and write their Master Thesis under joint supervision of Faculties of UNISR/USI.
During the fall semesters (I and III), students will attend classes taught at USI, whereas courses in spring semesters (II and IV) will be taught at UniSR. Over the two years, students will be supported by an active tutoring service and will cumulate extra credits participating in seminar activities, ongoing research projects, and laboratory activities.

Formare una nuova generazione di psicologi selezionando un numero ristretto di studenti motivati ad acquisire una formazione multidisciplinare necessaria ad affrontare e rispondere efficacemente alle esigenze del mondo sanitario