Bachelor's Degree in Psychological sciences and techniques

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The Bachelor’s Degree in Theoretical and Practical Psychology aims to introduce the scientific statute of psychology, which falls under both the field of natural sciences and of the humanities. The subject specifically studied is composed of the mind, in both its neuro-biological and functional aspects.

Personal development is viewed in its genetic and environmental determinants.

The human mind is studied in terms of its operation, both normal and pathological, and mental suffering is studied both from a neuro-biological and an intrapsychic and relational point of view.

Great importance is given to the scientific research methodology, both experimental and clinical, and both quantitative and qualitative. These studies find fertile ground at the research laboratories and clinical structures of Ospedale San Raffaele (OSR) hospital, which is therefore syngergistic with the university lectures attended by the students.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Theoretical and Practical Psychology should be considered preparatory to admission to the specialist training of a Master’s Degree, which guarantees completion of the university-level educational pathway in the field of psychology.

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