San Raffaele School of Philosophy - SRSP

For several years the research centers of the Faculty of Philosophy have organized the San Raffaele Spring School of Philosophy (SRSSP), which has two main formats.

Some editions (see, for example, the 2017 edition) have been organized to discuss the topics presented in a recently published volume. In this version, the keynote speaker is the author of the volume itself; he is usually supported by other invited speakers and selected contributors through double blind peer review between scholars from all over the world and experts on the subject in question.

Other editions (see, for example, those of 2016 and 2018) have seen the choice of the theme fall back on one of the main debates of contemporary specialist literature, with particular attention to the multidisciplinary character of the selected debates. The scientific directorate selects a number of invited speakers on the basis of the thematic sub-areas identified to best deal with the subject in question. The latter are joined by the contributors selected through double blind peer review among specialized scholars from all over the world.

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