Admission test coaching course

The best preparation for the UniSR admissions tests, for Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry and Dental Implantology respectively!

Effective from 2020, UniSR runs an admission test coaching course to prepare students for the admissions tests for the master's degree courses in Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry and Dental Implantology respectively.

The course aims to help students to prepare effectively for and perform at their best in the admission test: supported by a teacher, they learn the best techniques for tackling the exam and the most effective strategies for dealing with stress and making optimal use of the allocated time.

Scheduled dates

Milan: 20-21-22 January 2020

Bari: 24-25-26 January 2020

Catania: 31-1-2 January/February 2020

Milan: 3-4-5 February 2020

Milan: 9-10-11 February 2020

Milan: 19-20-21 February 2020

Booking for the coaching courses has now closed as all places have been filled. Any additional dates will be published on this website during the next few months.