Admission test coaching course

Sign up for UniSR preparation courses and get ready for the IMDP Admission Test

To all those candidates who want to better prepare for the IMDP admission test, UniSR offers the possibility to attend remotely preparation courses completely in English.

UniSR may schedule one of more sessions with one or both kinds of courses: the strengthening course and the intensive course. Aim of both courses is to provide each candidate with the techniques to better face the entrance exam thanks to the support of a tutor who will teach how to deal with the questions, how to better manage the time given and how to control stress during the exam. The strengthening course, which consists of more hours if compared to the intensive one, allows also candidates to review the theoretical knowledge requested to pass the test.

The preparation courses are usually organized in the Winter time before the IMDP Spring admission test and might also be organized in Summer mainly for students in their penultimate year of school or for NON-EU candidates who might sign up for a second admission test reserved to them, should this be the case.

All courses are held on a dedicated platform and each class consists maximum of 20 students to allow a perfect interaction between tutor and students.

This page is updated with the latest information as soon as a new preparation course session is offered.