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Prepare for the test

Online Simulator

The "Online Simulator" is a system of tests to prepare you for the IMDP admission test: the questions on which the online simulations are based are extracted at random from the University's own historic database of questions.

Register and access TEST SIMULATION

The system offers you a precise simulation of the IMDP admission test, with the correct times and with questions specified by the Call for Applications for the real test.

At first access, a €20 credit card payment buys you three simulations; if you wish to proceed with more tests, every additional simulation will cost you another €5, again payable by credit card. 

You cannot stop partway through; the time counts down, and the test ends automatically at the end of the specified number of minutes. 

At the end of each test, you get a report showing how you performed in the test's different sections and the correct answers, giving you an idea of where you need to revise to be better prepared for the test.

Tests are not downloadable and can only be taken online. The system offers each simulation with questions extracted at random.

For any problem with the Test Simulator, please write to the Simulator Helpdesk:

Please note that there is no specific syllabus available for preparation for the admission test. The science subjects' level would be the level requested from a student finishing high school level (ex. A-level/ Maturità/ etc.).

For interested candidates, to prepare for the test, we also recommend taking part in our preparatory courses available here

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