Third Mission

Third Mission” indicates the set of activities through which universities directly interact with society, alongside traditional teaching and research missions. With the Third Mission, universities are expanding the number and type of interlocutors, opening up to meaningful and constructive ways of interacting and to new opportunities for dialogue and interaction among research, society, schools, institutions and business.

UniSR, endowed with a regulation for the enhancement and monitoring of Third Mission activities, is constantly committed to the initiatives that call for society participation. Among the activities carried out, UniSR makes its efforts to: support events organized to involve the citizens of the territory, contributing to strengthen the social fabric and its vocation as a place of exchange and knowledge; enhance the invention and the transfer of the related technology through the identification of third parties possibly interested in the acquisition and/or economic exploitation of the invention; contribute to the management of intellectual property; develop the University's eco-sustainable vocation; encourage contact with the world of work and professions, also through the promotion of stage and thesis internships. 

Students, researchers and teachers are also actively involved in the dissemination and promotion of culture and knowledge thanks to the numerous Public Engagement initiatives organized by UniSR in collaboration with the San Raffaele Hospital and other structures of the San Donato Group: a fundamental duty and a social responsibility, more than ever precious for a dialogue and a mutual exchange between science and the public.

Public Engagement

UniSR students, researchers and teachers are actively involved in initiatives of science and knowledge communication and dissemination: unique opportunities for mutual exchange and enrichment between science and public

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Public Engagement