Accommodation & lodging

Milan, like other major European cities, is expensive and monthly costs vary according to your choice of accommodation and lifestyle.  A student would roughly be spending around euro 1.000,00/1.200,00 per month for the room rent, food, transportation and other expenses, depending however on the student’s lifestyle.

The University has two dedicated residence halls and its students can request a room in them.

It may be  difficult to secure an apartment while you are still living abroad, mainly because you may not know the area surrounding San Raffaele or the city of Milan itself so you may not know where to look for apartments. It is also important to see the apartment and meet the people you will eventually be living with or the landlords/ladies before signing the contracts.

Please note that there is no official accommodation office within the University so the Student alone will be dealing with apartments and contract. The International  Office will however be able to give all the necessary help and contacts to foreign students for finding other residences close to the University or of realtors renting apartments.

If you are a hospital Visiting staff or PhD student or not enrolled to the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, you must contact the Secretary of the hospital/University department you will be referring to for guidance on finding accommodation should the information hereby published be unsufficient.

If you need a hotel close to San Raffaele for a short visit or for your relatives, you can book a room in the HOTEL RAFAEL which stands on the same premises.