Residenze Studenti

Students who are interested in staying in the University Residences can contact the Welcome Service: this support service provides assistance with all aspects relating to housing, from choosing the residence to helping the students settle in.  Assistance is also available for procedures relating to calls for applications, to admission and, after admission, to room allocation, fees and other issues affecting the students’ stay.

It is important to have all the necessary information when choosing a residence in order to make the right decision: please contact us to book an accompanied or unaccompanied visit to the residence, or to request detailed information.

Welcome Service contact numbers and email address:

Tel. +39 02 91751 997


Regolamenti Domande di alloggi

Si sono chiuse le procedure previste dal Bando per l’assegnazione dei posti della Residenza Cassinella. I posti non coperti e pertanto ancora disponibili saranno attribuiti agli studenti interessati che presenteranno domanda in tempi successivi, secondo l’ordine di richiesta pervenuto e fino a copertura dei posti. Info: Email:  tel. 02 91751 995 - 997