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IT classrooms

Informatics are a powerful research and teaching aid.

Information and scientific texts are now mainly sourced through access to immense databases, accessible online or on CD-ROM. The Internet enables consultation of results and discoveries achieved thousands of miles away, which can be "browsed" from a PC in just a few seconds.

Multimedia simulations, on-line tests and IT tools are powerful aids to learning, which do not replace but certainly reinforce and support more traditional teaching.

Therefore, the modern, leading-edge Vita-Salute San Raffaele University wasted no time in acquiring a state-of-the-art IT system to serve its teaching and research.

The University makes IT classrooms, all equipped with the latest operating system and software package releases, available both for individual use and for lessons.

Overall, the classrooms offer more than a hundred and seventy workstations connected to servers specifically for students' use. Every student is provided with an email address and their own area on the server, in order to encourage personal research and the exchange of information related to study, research and university life; students will also use this area when writing their degree dissertations.

Each student can access the University Intranet both from the IT classrooms and from home via the Internet. Using the University Intranet, students can access the teaching materials in digital format provided by teaching staff and complete administrative and registrar's office formalities, from entry for exams to viewing their study curriculum.

As well as the standard software packages, specific applications are also provided for the topics covered in courses of study, such as Adam (for studying anatomy), SPSS (for statistics), Rasmol (for viewing protein structures) and Matlab (for mathematical applications).

As well as for individual study and research, the IT classrooms are also used for lessons, depending on the needs of the various teaching activities.

The IT classrooms are open for students' use at the times posted on the University notice-boards. Further information is available from University IT Systems.

S.Leone Magno IT Classroom

Basement, Department of Biotechnologies 2 (Milan)

S. Martino IT Classroom

1st Floor, Department of Biotechnologies 2 (Milan)

Archimede IT Classroom

Ground Floor, Department of Biotechnologies 1 (Milan)

Morgan IT Classroom

Basement, Department of Biotechnologies 1 (Milan)

IT Classroom

Ground Floor SRT Building D (Milan)

IT classrooms

Classrooms and Teaching Labs

The classrooms, Teaching Lab and spaces of the Vita Salute San Raffaele University have recently undergone an important technical renewal and numerical enhancement. The teachinglocation have increased in order to ensure compliance with all the spacing and sanitary measures required by current regulations and to ensure the important numerical enhancement of the courses and places for the students.

Classrooms and Teaching Labs