The University

The University

A Web App to explore the Campus of our University

You can explore Campus Milano Olgettina and Campus Mi2 using UniSR Maps, a Web App that allows to easily find the place you are looking for.

Our Campuses are accessible for people with disabilities and each floor has accessible restrooms.

By typing the desired destination (classrooms, laboratories, offices, services...) you can view the places on the map and find the fastest route to reach them.

Reach your destination within the UniSR spaces!

Classrooms and Teaching Labs

At Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, we have recently completed a significant technological upgrade and expansion of our classrooms, teaching labs, and educational spaces. This enhancement includes an increase in the number of teaching locations to ensure strict adherence to current regulations, including spacing and health measures.

Our goal is to provide a safe and accommodating environment for our students while also facilitating the expansion of course offerings, ensuring ample space and resources to support their educational journeys.

IT classrooms

In the realm of academia, informatics plays a critical role in both research and teaching. Access to vast online databases and scientific texts is easily within reach, providing a wealth of knowledge. The internet's power connects us to global research findings, all accessible within seconds from a standard PC.

Our IT classrooms are at the forefront of modern education, enhancing the learning experience with multimedia simulations, online testing, and a suite of IT tools that do not replace but complement traditional teaching methods.

At Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, we're dedicated to cutting-edge technology, evident in our state-of-the-art IT system supporting teaching and research.

Our IT classrooms feature the latest operating systems and software packages, available for individual use and group lessons. With over 170 workstations, each linked to dedicated servers, students have an ideal environment to harness the power of informatics.

We empower students with personal server spaces, facilitating research initiatives, information exchange, and dissertation work. Students are provided with an email address and their own area on the server, in order to encourage personal research and can access our University Intranet from IT classrooms or from home, managing tasks, viewing their study curriculum and exam registrations, completing administrative formalities and accessing digital teaching materials.

In addition to the standard software packages, specialized applications, like Adam (anatomy studies), SPSS (statistical analysis), Rasmol (protein structure visualization), and Matlab (mathematical applications), enrich the learning journey.

Our IT classrooms serve as dynamic hubs for individual study, research, and interactive lessons. Access is easy, with schedules posted on University notice boards.

For guidance and information, reach out to University IT Systems.
We're here to support your academic journey at every step.