Call for application for accommodation in the UniSR Student Residences

An Informed and Guided Choice

Starting now UniSR wishes to communicate to all students staying in the Residences that in consideration of the current health emergency it is mandatory to comply with the measures that the University has so far adopted and / or will adopt in  future in compliance with regulations issued and / or to be issued by the competent Authorities in response to the covid-19 emergency or any other emergency situation.

All dispositions are listed on our website in this section: InfoCovid

With consideration to the above stated, for the academic year 2020/2021, UniSR has allocated a number of rooms in the Residences which meet the required safety criteria. The number of rooms available in therefore lower than those announced last year.

Candidates can access Melghera Residence and Cassinella by participating to the call for allocation of rooms reserved to enrolled students and to students enrolling ofr the first time in UniSR.

Allocation of Rooms at full fare for the entire period from September 2020 to July 2021

We inform you that, following the procedures for confirming accommodation by students already assigned in the A.Y. 2019/2020, the number of full-rate accommodation places for students applying for it for the first time is updated as follows:

Cassinella Residence: n. total places available: 28

Melghera Residence: n. total places available: 17

Priority for these rooms is given to students already residing in the residences for the AY 2019/2020.  Should the already residing students not confirm their rooms, the rooms will be made available for new students.



Students can apply for rooms at full fare by chosing one of the two residences.
Fill in THIS FORM  and you will receive the confirmation receipt of participation to the call for alloction of rooms via email.

UniSR_ StudentResidences_AdmissionCall_20.21

Competition Call for rooms at special fare

Tax Benefits

Students living in Vita-Salute San Raffaele University accommodation are entitled to the tax breaks granted by art. 15, comma 1, point i-sexies of the Italian Consolidation Law on Income Tax, under which students enrolled on a degree course based in a municipality at least 100 km from their municipality of residence and in a different province are entitled to deduct 19% of their accommodation cost (up to a maximum amount of Euro 2,633.00 per annum) from their tax bill.

For further information


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