Women’s Basketball

The UniSR Women’s Basketball Team was born in 2016. It is formed by former youth basketball players – who had to give up playing when starting university – and girls completely new to the game. With a bit of doubt, given the inexperience of some girls and the limited roster, but with a lot of passion and grit, the team participated to the 2016-2017 Milan University Championship.

The following year (2017-2018) the team has definitely grown both technically and numerically. With perseverance and desire to do better and better, the results in the championship games started to improve, but the results that strike the most are those obtained outside the court and that help the game itself: cohesion and harmony are the pillars of this team.

Practices are usually held on Monday/Wednesday evenings at the San Raffaele basketball court, behind Cascina Melghera. Whoever has a little experience or simply would like to try basketball for the first time, is welcome to join us during one of our practices! Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or Facebook:

Anna Pozzi, annapozzi2@gmail.com