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#TalentiUniSR: Giammarco De Mattia

12 September 2018

My biggest inspiration is Brian May, lead guitarist in the band Queen, as well as being a PhD in astrophysics, because his life is an incredible combination of both art and science”. Giammarco De Mattia is a medical student in our International MD Program, and one of our #TalentiUniSR: just like his hero Brian May, he lives a life that is devoted to both science and music. Mainly a guitarist (“from 6 strings to 12 strings, acoustics and electrics”), he also plays bass, harmonica, and mandolin. Since September 2017 he has been the organiser of numerous editions of the UniSR IoCiSuono, our Music Festival for the musicians and singers hidden within the students and teachers at our University. One of his main hobbies is making his own gear: when he was just 14 years old, he built a double-neck guitar, and currently builds his own amplifiers. In 2017 he joined The Tambourine Men, a group of musicians with a passion for 60s and 70s music, with whom he is currently recording an album with the production, coordination, and direct participation of Lucio Fabbri, violinist and multi-instrumentalist of the Italian progressive rock band Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), which is one of the 100 most important bands in the world! In June 2019, he will take part in a recording session at the world famous Abbey Road Recording Studios in London, in the very same room where The Beatles recorded all of their albums in the 1960s.


Giammarco De Mattia

Your University Studies

I am attending the International MD Program (class of 2021) at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

Why you enrolled at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

Because it is my ambition to project myself into an international context with solid scientific bases and with a significant hospital experience behind it. In fact, UniSR provides us students with the professionalism of well-known teachers who guarantee the quality of the training program

What opportunities our University has given you

So far UniSR has fully met my expectations of student in Medicine and Surgery. Moreover, it also gave me the opportunity to express my passion in the artistic-musical field, and favored the discovery of my attitudes to the management of events I was unaware before

What you currently deal with

In addition to being a student, I take care of the organization and the artistic direction of all university events that include musical moments. In fact, since September 2017 I have been the contact person to the UniSR IoCiSuono student group, which includes musicians who hide behind the students of our University

The strong point of studying at San Raffaele

The forefront structures, facilities and equipment, with access to the departments of San Raffaele Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals in Italy

Your best Quality

The great passion that I put into everything I do, supported by my great precision and punctuality

Favorite quote

Stand up for what you believe in, even when it means standing alone

Your dream in the drawer

My ambition is to be able to cultivate and practice at high levels both my profession as a doctor and my skills in the musical field

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