Camilla Grignani awarded the "Best Rapid Paper Award" from the “Carotid Aorta Peripheral Vascular Treatment” Congress

02 July 2019

Camilla Grignani, a UniSR undergraduate student in Medicine, won the "Best Rapid Paper Award" (First Prize), awarded to the best abstract selected for the original study at the "Carotid Aorta Peripheral Vascular Treatment - Rome CAPVT Mundi - 4th Edition" held in Rome last May.

The title of the abstract presented by Camilla was "Current results of thoracoabdominal aortic open repair in patients with connective tissue disorders"; this abstract presents data from a study concerning the results of the treatment of thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysms in patients suffering from genetic alterations of connective tissue, serious hereditary diseases including above all Marfan Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and Syndrome of Loeys Dietz. The co-authors and supervisors of this study are Dr. Andrea Kahlberg, Prof. Germano Melissano and Prof. Roberto Chiesa. The study will also be the basis of Camilla's degree thesis, scheduled for this July.

Camilla states:

“Participating in this congress was a very satisfying experience for me, first of all for being able to confront with doctors and researchers from all over the world and secondly for the possibility of being able to present part of my degree thesis. Unexpected, however, was the awarding of the Best Rapid Paper Award. This was possible thanks to the support and trust that Prof. Chiesa and Dr. Kahlberg placed in me and thanks to the teachings that they managed to convey to me. Our University certainly succeeds in giving us many opportunities, in terms of preparation and involvement in the intra-hospital life, which must be exploited to the full in order to obtain, over time, recognition for our commitment".

Adds Dr. Andrea Kahlberg, Professor at the Postgraduate School of Vascular Surgery in UniSR:

"We are happy for Camilla, who has always shown intelligence and commitment to work and scientific research, rightly obtaining this important recognition. For years now the Institute of Vascular Surgery directed by Prof. Chiesa has been an international reference for the diagnosis and treatment of these serious diseases, the aneurysm and dissection of the aorta, which also afflict very young patient categories such as those affected by genetic connective tissue diseases such as Marfan syndrome”.

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