PhD in Philosophy

Philosophical Issues in an International Perspective

Responsabile del Curriculum: Prof.ssa Claudia Bianchi

The second cv develops the same issues, in the areas of ethics and the philosophy of the person, the philosophy of mind and language, metaphysics and aesthetics, and history of ideas, with a particular attention to the international context of philosophical research.

Research projects concerning issues which are particularly at the centre of philosophical discussion at an international level will be given priority, as well as those connecting different cultural environments and different national traditions, and those intersecting philosophical knowledge with research coming from other disciplinary perspectives, in the natural as well as in the human and social sciences.

The teaching activity of this cv is entirely carried out in English or French; admission to this programme requires the possession of a European certification of language of B2 level (FCE or IELTS 5.5-6.5 for English, DELF B2 for French).

Moreover, each Ph.D. candidate will be required to spend a research period of no less than 12 months overall abroad and each Ph.D. project will be co-supervised by a teacher from a non-Italian University. To promote these goals, the University has already established stable relationships of cooperation with:

- the University of Köln (Germany)

- Istitute of Tolosa (France)

- Université Franoise-Ralelais Tours (France).

Ph.D. candidates can spend their research period abroad in these Universities, and find a co-supervisor for their work there, or they can initiate their personal contacts in other European or non-European universities. Some professors from the Universities of Köln and Tours already feature in the teaching board of the Ph.D. and will be involved in the teaching activities of this cv.