PhD in Philosophy


The Faculty of Philosophy of the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele is traditionally committed to the development of original and ground-breaking philosophical investigation through lines of research that are constantly and fruitfully intertwined, though following different philosophical traditions and methodologies. Its philosophical research stems from the research centers, which support and promote several activities in the areas of ethics and political philosophy, phenomenology, philosophy of mind and language, gender studies, metaphysics and aesthetics, history of ideas. Some of these research lines, in particular philosophy of mind and language, decision theory and rationality theory, gender studies, phenomenology and ethics, are characterized by significant interdisciplinary interactions with scientific studies.

Research methodologies include historical-philosophical investigation, conceptual analysis, experimental methods, and the most advanced investigation techniques in neuroscience. Each research center carries out its own research in compliance with its own aims and methodologies, but fosters the equal availability of methods of inquiry and conceptual tools to graduate students, so as to encourage young scholars to hold an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at developing original and well-argued syntheses concerning various dimensions of human life and experience.

Coordinator: Prof. Claudia Bianchi

The admission procedures for the academic year 2024/2025 are now opened.