PhD in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy

Instructions and Deadlines to enrol in the courses

The selected candidates will have to proceed to formalise the enrolment through the dedicated webpage, using the login credentials received during the online registration ( Candidates awarded with a fellowship will have two days to comply, whereas the candidate awarded without fellowship will have five days.

All candidates shall complete the enrolment procedure within the second working day from the online enrolment.

Candidates who do not enrol online within the set deadlines or do not to complete the enrolment within two working days from the online enrolment will be deemed renouncers and will lose their right to enrol.

The ranking is updated according to the assignment and to any withdrawl that may occur in each phase, always considering the preferences expressed by the candidates. Appropriate communication will be given on the website.

Moreover the candidates that will have to proceed with the registration at that phase will receive, for information purposes only, a specific communication via e-mail, to the e-mail address indicated during the submission of the application. Failure to receive this email message will not be considered as an objection for the missed enrollment to the PhD.