PhD in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy

Registration on the website

In order to be admitted to the selection, Italian citizens, EU and non-EU citizens must pay a € 50.00 fee following the instructions indicated on the online registration form.

Please note that the only fee payment does not imply that the candidate has registered correctly to the selection unless all the steps indicated in the form have been fulfilled. The fee will not be reimbursed for whatever reason the candidate does not participate to the admission selection.

Registration and application must be filled exclusively online, through the University website (

Registration for the selection consists in four steps:

  1. Registration of personal data (see Guide for Registration);
  2. Login to the website, through the appropriate link (
  3. Online payment of the fee for the chosen competition (see Guide for Application)
  4. Filling out the application form and uploading the required documentation.

Upon submitting the application, the candidate will receive a confirmation email.

Filling out the application

The application (electronic form) can be filled out either in Italian or English. Please do not include special characters in the electronic form (",%,#...).

In the application candidates will provide all information required in the online form and they will indicate:

  • the Curriculum of interest (mandatory);
  • a second Curriculum (optional);

If a candidate would like to express his preference for both Curricula, he/she has fill out the application only once but selecting both Curricula. The project should explain the reasons behind the preference expressed.

The Research Project consists of:

  • Title
  • State of the art (max 6000 characters)
  • Development proposal (max 6000 characters)
  • Bibliography (max 3000 characters).

In the application the candidate will also indicate up to two referees  who will receive an automatic email at the end of the procedure. This message includes the form the referee must use to write the reference letter.

Candidates are responsible for the data submitted; they can contact the referee(s) to request the letter and to check that it is submitted as required by this call within the defined deadline. The PhD Office will not solicit the submission of the letters.

Upload of the documents

After submitting the online application in ALL its parts (any research experiences, publications, abstracts and know languages), the candidate will upload the following documents in separated PDF files through the same online registration system:

  • Application Form duly signed;
  • A self-certification of the Master’s Degree (according both to the old and the new Italian regulation), indicating the thesis title, the graduation mark and the list of relevant exams;
  • A self-certification duly filled out (Attachment 2) in which the candidate declares that the publication(s) sent via email  comply(ies) with the original. Please indicate also the title of each publication.

AN ELECTRONIC COPY OF THE MOST RELEVANT PUBLICATIONS (UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 5) CAN BE SENT TO ONLY IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT (pdf file). PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE PUBBLICATIONS SHOULD NOT BE ENCLOSED IN THE ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM. Even if the MA degree thesis cannot be considered as a publication, it can also be sent as indicated for the publications.  Hard copies of the publications and of the Thesis will not be accepted;

  • ONLY for candidates who have chosen the International Curriculum in Philosophical Issues in an International Perspective, a B2 level certificate attesting the knowledge of English (only certifications listed in Attachment 4 will be accepted). In case of bilingualism or qualifications obtained abroad (in English language) a self-certification is sufficient;
  • ONLY for candidates who have not yet graduated when submitting the online application, the list of all exams taken including the relative marks and the WEIGHTED AVERAGE of all grades;
  • A copy of a valid identification document.

Moreover, candidates with a foreign academic qualification, which has not yet received a declaration of equivalence to an Italian degree, will submit with the application any document that may be useful for the Examination Committee to declare its equivalence, as set forth by article 2 of the Call.



Reference letters will be rejected if they are not drafted according to the form “Attachment 1” or if they are submitted with different methods from the ones described above. Candidates are not allowed to read their reference letters.



The entitled persons shall avail themselves of what is set forth in Italian Presidential Decree no. 445/00, as amended and integrated, governing substitute declarations, by using this form, in case they attest other circumstances provided for by Articles 46 and 47 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 445/00.

Allegato 2


Llist of certifications of knowledge of English language required and accepted to apply to "Philosophical Issues in an International Perspective".

Certificazioni Lingua Inglese - Allegato 4