PhD in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy


The application to the PhD Course in Philosophy can be submitted, regardless of age or citizenship, by those holding a 5-year University Degree (according to the old Italian regulation), a Master’s Degree (according to the new Italian regulation) (hereinafter, the “Degree”) or an equivalent foreign academic qualification, approved by the PhD Examination Committee, also according to international agreements and/or inter-university cooperation and mobility agreements.

Last year Master’s degree students can also apply to the PhD Course only if they will graduate before October 31st, 2021, under penalty of exclusion from the Course.

The procedures for the admission to the PhD  are open.

Registration and application for the competition must be submitted within 1:00 pm July 26, 2021.

N.B.: deadline for reference letters is July 28, 2021.

The evaluation of the qualifications (the presence of the Candidates is not required) will be take part on the 9th September 2021.

The interviews with the Examination Committee will take part 20th September 2021.