Physician-Scientist Programme

The Physician Scientist programme allows, foreseen by law, students of the final year of a Residency Program to attend simultaneously the 1st year of a PhD Course: in fact, the law foresees recognizing the research activity carried out during the residency Program thus reducing the duration of the PhD to two years.

The Resident who intends to apply for one of the two-year PhS fellowships proposed under the Physician-Scientist programme must:

  • have the availability of at least one project proposed for the PhD by the UniSR Residency Program equivalent to one in which s/he is enrolled: in the absence of this condition there are no prerequisites to access the competition (see the list at the bottom of the page);
  • receive, from the Residency Program, a positive assessment of research activity carried out; this certification is a necessary condition for access to the competition and is an integral part of the evaluation of the qualifications, carried out by the commission, for the admission to the PhD;

Two-year fellowships will be assigned according to the ranking order, the number of projects available for each Residency Program and to the candidate’s Residency Program.The matriculation will be subject to the positive outcome of combability of the activities and commitment between the Residency Program and the PhD Course as provided by art. 7 paragraph 1 of Ministerial Decree 226 of 14/12/2021

After obtaining the diploma of Residency Program, Student admitted to the Physician-Scientist Program requires a commitment strongly focused on the research aspect (basic, translational or clinical), with a strictly limited time dedicated to clinical profession (<20%).

During the second and third year, all students receive additional funds to at least 10% of the fellowship to support participation to meetings and workshops. International collaborations are encouraged; if students move abroad to integrate the research activities of their projects, the PhD fellowship is increased by 50% for a period up to 8 months.