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II level Master in Advanced Luminal Operative Endoscopy A.Y. 2024/2025 - Open Admissions

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Master Overview

The II level Master in ALOE - Advanced Luminal Operative Endoscopy aims to spread knowledge in the field of operative endoscopy and endoluminal surgery as well as to raise the bar of endoscopic therapeutic possibilities in the treatment of neoplastic pathologies of the digestive tract.

Tumors of the digestive tract are pathologies with a high impact due to their diffusion - colorectal cancer is one of the tumors with the highest incidence in the Western world-  and technical improvements in the field of diagnostic endoscopy such as high resolution and digital chromoendoscopy, allow to diagnose with ever greater frequency early neoplastic lesions. As these lesions require minimally invasive therapy , the number of patients requiring resective endoscopic treatments is on the rise.

As such, in the last decade the field of endoluminal surgery for functional pathologies and the treatment of post-surgical complications has developed, although these latter are much less widespread than neoplastic pathologies. Endoluminal surgery therefore represents the present of third level endoscopic centers, as well as the near future of endoscopy in general. Hence, it is necessary for endoscopists to become increasingly familiar with complex operating techniques.

During the master's course, the participant will receive updated training on endoluminal surgery through live observations of the procedures and, where possible, first-hand execution, especially in the case of resective endoluminal surgery for highly prevalent pathologies, such as adenomas and dysplasias in general of the digestive tract.

The final objective of the course is to provide the participant with the knowledge to independently perform endoscopic resections and the basics for performing simple endoscopic dissections. The endoscopic techniques covered by the course will be endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), pure endoscopic dissection (ESD), hybrid endoscopic dissection (H-ESD), full thickness resection (EFTR), techniques for the treatment of achalasia and gastroparesis (dilations, POEM and G-POEM), endoscopic treatment of Zenker's diverticula (septotomies), endoscopic or other perforations, post-surgical fistulas and dehiscences (clipping, stenting, endovac therapy, drainage).

The expected educational result, to be verified by passing a final exam, are:

-acquiring knowledge of the morphological and endoscopic patterns of neoplastic lesions and the correct indication of the removal technique to be used based on the appearance of the lesion;

-acquiring knowledge of the pathophysiological bases of functional pathologies and of the indications for endoluminal surgery techniques that can be used in their treatment;

-acquiring knowledge of post-surgical complications related to endoscopy;

-theoretical and practical acquisition of knowledge of the devices, their settings and their correct use during endoluminal surgery (EMR, ESD, POEM, GPOEM, septotomies) and treatment of endoscopic perforations and post-surgical dehiscences.

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