Master in Aortic Surgery

Master in Aortic Surgery

Year1 year
AdmissionOpen access

Qualification for admission

Degree in Medicine and Surgery or title issued abroad, recognized as suitable under current Italian legislation. Qualified to practice as a Surgeon.

In order to allow access to postgraduate course in Aortic Surgery to candidates with a qualification in Medicine and Surgery obtained abroad as well as a professional qualification and authorized to exercise the profession in a country other than Italy, the Committee Authorizing Officer, can proceed with the assessment of the suitability of the academic qualification and with the verification of the possession of the professional qualification in the country of origin.

Evaluation for qualifications and oral exam

Maximum reward 20 points divided as follows:

- Curriculum of studies (graduation grade, marks in the relevant exams, relevance of the degree thesis) 4 points max;

- possible Residency degree in Vascular Surgery points 2

- professional and scientific curriculum (seniority in welfare facilities, related scientific publications, any other qualifications) max 8 points

- Oral exam to be carried out at least 30 days before the start of the course 6 points max