Master in Aortic Surgery A.Y. 2024/2025 - Open Admissions

Master in Aortic Surgery A.Y. 2024/2025 - Open Admissions

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Scarica la brochure Apply now

Admission Requirements

2024/2025 Admissions to the II level Master in Aortic Surgery are now open!

The deadline to apply, through the online application portal PICA, is June 23rd 2024 (11:59 PM, CET).

Eligible candidates hold:

1) Degree in Medicine and Surgery

2) Qualification to practice

3) Best suited candidates hold a Specialization in Vascular Surgery

International Candidates are additionally requested to provide:

4. Legalized translation of the Degree Diploma.

5. Declaration of Value (to be issued by the Italian Embassy/Consulate where the degree was obtained) or the Statement of Comparability.

DR_8841_2024 Bando ammissione Master II liv. in Chirurgia Aortica


To start a new application, click on PICA.CINECA.UNISR by June 23rd 2024 (11:59 PM, CET).

In order to complete your application, please prepare the following documents in PDF format (max 30Mbyte) to be uploaded:

1) Passport

2) Degree along with final grade and legalized translation

3) Declaration of Value / Cimea Statement of Comparability

3) Transcripts

4) CV

5) Pubblications

Should you not be able to complete your application in one session, you can access the admission portal several times in order to do so.

Once the application is submitted, you will receive a confimation email/integration request from UniSR Master Office.

Evaluation and feedback will take place once admissions will be closed, starting from June 23rd 2024.

A professional medical insurance will be requested upon enrollment.

Evaluation and feedback

The access to the Master Program is subject to an evaluation of the candidate's academic and professional titles and it is followed by an interview.

The Evaluation Board will use the following criteria to establish the Admission Ranking:

- Academic career (graduation grade, marks in the relevant exams, relevance of the degree thesis): max 4 points;
- Specialization/residency in Vascular Surgery: max 2 points;
- Professional/scientific profile and experience (seniority, related scientific publications, any other qualifications): max 8 points;
- Interview to be carried out remotely starting from one week after the admissions close, on June 23rd 2024: max 6 points.

Once the qualifications-based evaluation is complete, in the section Admissions Ranking and Enrollment you will find the ranking list with admitted candidates, followed by candidates who are suitable but not high enough in the ranking and subsequentely, candidates who are not admitted.

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