International Research Centre for European Culture and Politics (IRCECP)

International Research Centre for European Culture and Politics (IRCECP)


IRCECP aims to realize research projects and studies on European culture and politics in a cooperative network among various international institutions, not limited to European ones. The main issues are the following:

– leading values of European culture, in particular the conceptions of freedom, justice, rights and history

– the idea of personal and political liberty in modern thought

– Enlightenment ethics and contemporary ethics as the characteristically European morality

– the principle of respect for persons in the contemporary debate: rights, migrations, environment, relations between states, justice and equality across borders

– challenges stemming from global politics and the role of Europe

– principles of sustainable development and the issue of public decision-making

– forms of development, and the future of the European Union

– the social role of public opinion, and of literary and artistic culture in the European social context

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