This page is dedicated to admissions to UniSR Degree Courses taught exclusively in English.

By clicking on the name of the Course of interest here below you can find the official Call for admission which includes information on admission and enrollment procedures, admission test and deadlines for both EU and non-EU applicants.

General Information about the admission process:

  • Registration for the International Medical Doctor Program and  the Master's Degree in Biotechnology and Medical Biology admission tests has to be done exclusively online through the official website UniSR within a set time frame specified in the Calls.
  • In order to register for the UniSR admission tests you have to: 
  1. Create an "Intranet" profile (click here for the relevant guide).
  2. Complete the online procedure to register for the test (click here for the relevant guide).
  3. Select the test session and pay the test fee.

Candidates are allowed to take the admission test only after completing both the online registration and the payment.

  • UK citizens NOT residing in Italy are considered "NON-EU citizens residing abroad" unless specific future communications are issued by the Ministry of University and Research or the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Registration for the Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication must be done through the website